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  Q-test enables both analogue and digital devices plus connectors to be tested for pin connectivity without detailed information on the device under test. In practice, only pin list data are required to generate, debug and test, even for high-pin-count devices. The Q-test features comprise simplified vector testing, inductive or capacitive signal pickup for broad applications, graphical user set-up and flexible mounting for detection circuitry.
Source: Aeroflex
Quad Data Rate RAM
  (QDR RAM) - Type of memory that runs 4 times as fast as traditional Random Access Memories (RAMs). Two independent read and write operations that occur on every rising and falling edge of the clock.
Source: Xilinx
Quad Flat Pack
  (QFP) - A flat pack with leads on four sides. Generally refers to a plastic quad flat package that is built to EIJ standards.
Source: Surface Mount Technology Association
  The relationship between two waves that are 90 degrees out of phase. It appears between the voltage wave and the capacitive portion of the current during the AC HiPot tests.
Source: CableTest
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  (QAM) - A method of encoding digital data in an analog signal in which each combination of phase and amplitude represent one of sixteen four-bit patterns.
Source: Xilinx
Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
  (QPSK) - A method of modulating digital signals using four phase states to code two digital bits per phase shift.
Source: Xilinx
Quadrature sensitivity
  (Or side or lateral motion or crosstalk sensitivity) of a vibration sensor is its sensitivity to motion perpendicular to the sensor's principal axis. Commonly expressed in % of principal axis sensitivity.
Source: Vibration and Shock
  64 bits, sometimes knows as "QWORD"
Source: Xilinx
Qualified Products List
  (QPL) - A listing of manufacturers qualified by test and performance verification to produce items listed in military (MIL) specifications.
Source: Surface Mount Technology Association
  A term associated with the overall goodness of a part. In the test industry, this term is taken as meaning the measurable fault coverage of a delivered device plus the device's reliability statistics.
Source: Inovys
Quality Assurance
  A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that adequate technical requirements are established, products and services conform to established technical requirements, and satisfactory performance is achieved.
Source: Quality Assurance Program Instruction for DLA ICPs
Quality Assurance Testing
  (QA Testing) - Ensures that your hardware, software, Web site, or internal application is free from bugs, glitches, and oversights.
Source: VeriTest
Quality Factor
  (Q) - For BAND-PASS and BAND-REJECT filters Q = Fo/BW. Note that Fo is the GEOMETRIC CENTER and BW is the BAND WIDTH.
Source: Frequency Devices, Inc.
Quality Function Deployment
  (QFD) - A methodology involving a cross-functional team to reach consensus about final product specifications based on the wishes of the customer.
Source: Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing Consulting
Quality of Service
  (QoS) - The set of parameters and their values which determine the performance of a given virtual circuit. "High QoS" usually means a guarantee of minimal (or no) data loss, low latency, or a combination of both.
Source: Xilinx
Quantize and Quantization
  A step in the process of converting an analog signal into a digital signal. Quantization measures a sample to determine a representative numerical value that is then encoded. The three steps in analog-to-digital conversion are sampling, quantizing, and encoding.
Source: Xilinx
Quantizing Error
  The inherent uncertainty in digitizing an analog value that is caused by the finite resolution of the conversion process. Increasing the resolution of an ADC reduces the uncertainty.
Source: Test & Measurement World
Quantum Mirage
  A phenomenon at the nanoscale by which it is possible to transmit information using the wave properties of electrons, possibly enabling future nanoscale machines to operate without wires.
Source: Small Times
Quarter-Size Small Outline Package
  (QSOP) - An SO style IC package that has leads on a 25 mil pitch. The name derives from the fact that the package is approximately the length and the width of a standard SOIC, and thus a package of the same pin count occupies approximately the area on a PWB.
Source: Surface Mount Technology Association
Quasi Periodic
  A quasi-periodic signal is a deterministic signal whose spectrum is not a harmonic series, but nevertheless exists at discrete frequencies. The vibration signal of a machine that has nonsynchronous components resembles a quasi-periodic signal. In most cases, a quasi-periodic signal actually is a signal containing two or more different periodic components.
Source: Vibration Institute

    1 - 20
of 27 Records
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