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  The most common data link in the US communications network. It is best known as a multiplexed carrier of 24 64-Kbps voice channels plus overhead, or 1.544 Mbps.
Source: Xilinx
  US digital transmission service containing 28 T1 circuits, with a basic data rate of 44.736 Mbps.
Source: Xilinx
TAB Bond Peel Test
  The Low Force Pull-Up unit can be outfitted to measure TAB conductor traces by tape assisted methods or direct peel. A gram level force is applied to peel the entire TAB or beam lead l length from the chip, through the fan out and to the bond pad. By continuing the pull-up, the tensile strength of the TAB is measured.
Source: Quad Group
Takt Time
  Takt time is the pace at which the customer is buying a particular product or service. Takt time is the total net daily operating time divided by the total daily customer demand. Takt time is not how long it takes to perform a task. Takt time cannot be reduced or increased except by changes in production demand or available time to work. Takt time is one of the 3 Elements of JIT. Takt is a German word for 'beat' or 'rhythm'.
Source: Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing Consulting
  A GPIB device that sends data messages to Listeners.
Source: National Instruments
Tank Circuit
  Parallel resonant circuit containing only a coil and a capacitor. Both the coil and capacitor store electrical energy for part of each cycle.
Source: Twisted Pair
  A register output which is used to generate the next data input to a linear feedback shift register.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
Tape Automated Bonding
  (TAB) - An IC interconnection process that uses organic tape to support pre-formed leads during bonding to the chip (inner lead bonding-ILB) and connection to the substrate (outer lead bonding-OLB). The IC chip is usually bare during the interconnecting processes.
Source: Surface Mount Technology Association
  (TAB) - A process in which transparent flexible tape has tracks created on its surface. The pads on unpackaged integrated circuits are attached to corresponding pads on the tape which is then stored in a reel. Silver-loaded epoxy is screen printed on the substrate at the site where the device is to be located and onto the pads to which the device's leads are to be connected. The reel of TAB tape is fed through an automatic machine which pushes the device and the TAB leads into the epoxy. When the silver-loaded epoxy is cured using reflow soldering or vapor-phase soldering, it forms electrical connections between the TAB leads and the pads on the substrate.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
Tape Ball Grid Array
  (TBGA) - A ball grid array component package that uses TAB techniques to make the connections between the IC chip and the solder balls. This results in a solder ball grid array that is only around the periphery, and leaves compliant connections between the IC and the solder balls for better TCE reliability.
Source: Surface Mount Technology Association
Target Costing
  A way of establishing a cost goal for a product or service in the design phase. Target costing follows this formula: Sales price - Target Profit = Target Cost.
Source: Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing Consulting
Technical Data
  The communications link between people and equipment. Specifications, standards, engineering drawings, task analysis instructions, data item descriptions, reports, equipment publications, tabular data, computer software documentation, and test results used in the development, production, testing, use, maintenance, demilitarization, detoxification, and disposal of military components and systems. Used in designing and executing an ILS program. Computer programs, related software, financial data, and other information relating to contract administration are not technical data.
Source: Army Regulation 700–127, Integrated Logistics Support
  Expert in troubleshooting circuit and system malfunctions. Along with a thorough knowledge of test equipment and how to use it to diagnose problems, the technician is also familiar with how to repair or replace faulty components. Technicians basically translate theory into action.
Source: Twisted Pair
  A concept of optics by which using telecentric lenses, movement of the object toward or away from the lens will not result in the image getting bigger or smaller, and an object which has depth or extent along the optical axis will not appear as if it is tilted.
Source: Test & Measurement World
  The science and technology of communication at a distance by electronic transmission of impulses, as by telegraph, cable, telephone, radio, or television. Often used in the plural with a singular verb: Telecommunications is an important area of professional growth.
Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language
Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected From Emanating Spurious Transmissions
  (TEMPEST) - TEMPEST is nothing more then a fancy name for protecting against technical surveillance or eavesdropping of UNMODIFIED equipment (the unmodified part is important). TEMPEST and it's associated disciplines involve designing circuits to minimize the amount of "compromising emanations" and to apply appropriate shielding, grounding, and bonding. These disciplines also include methods of radiation screening, alarms, isolation circuits/devices, and similar areas of equipment engineering.
Source: Granite Island Group
Telecommunications Test Equipment
  A grouping of stimulus and measuring test equipment that are designed to specifically test telecommunications products.
Source: A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
  Communicationbetween two points by sending and receiving a series of current pulses either through wire or by radio.
Source: Twisted Pair
  The integration of wireless communications, vehicle monitoring systems and location devices.
Source: Wireless Week
  Transmission of instrument readings to a remote location either by wire or by radio.
Source: Twisted Pair
  The conversion of sound into electrical signals, its transmission to another location, and its reconversion to sound, with or without the use of connecting wires is called telephony.
Source: Xilinx

    1 - 20
of 199 Records
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