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Company Logo Company Contact Info
ESPEC North America
4141 Central Parkway
Hudsonville, MI  49426
United States
Name: David Jung
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: djung@espec.com
Phone: 616-896-6100
FAX: 616-896-6150
Company Description:  
  Manufacturer of benchtop chambers, reach-in chambers, thermal shock, and thermal cycling & stress products.
  E. Licht Company
5961 E. 38th Ave
Denver, CO  80207
Name: Gary L. Hanson
Title: President
E-mail: ghanlicht@aol.com
Phone: 303-322-8900
FAX: (303) 322-8989
Company Description:  
  A.I.R./MT assembly inspection and repair. Cost effective multifunction workstations provide system integration for inspection and repair. Three dimensional long working distance inspection with patented three axis push stage provide singl
2200 Gateway Centre Blvd.
Morrisville, NC  27560
United States
Name: David Bisenius
Title: VP
E-mail: daveb@productsafet.com
Phone: 919-469-9434
FAX: 919-469-5743
Company Description:  
  Regulatory Test Equipment for product manufacturers to pass compliance tests, such as UL, IEC and CSA mandates.Products include hipot testers, leakage current, impact hammers, force gauges, finger probes, glow wire testers and humidity chambers.
  E.K. Silicon Solutions
P.O.B 373
Timrat, Israel  23840
Name: Yovav Yahav-Amir
Title: Managing Director
E-mail: yovav@ekss.co.il
Phone: +972-4-9590093
FAX: +972-4-9590093
Company Description:  
  Providing Prodcuct & Test Engineering services to fabless (ASIC & COT) companies.
  E+E Elektronik
Langwiesen 7
Engerwitzdorf, A-4209
Name: Werner Hentscholek
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: info@epluse.at
Phone: +011-43-7235-6050
FAX: +011-43-7235-6058
Company Description:  
  Manufacturer and distributor of products for humidity measurement, air velocity measurement, and temperature measurement.
  E=mc3 Solutions
3359 Styx Hill Road
Medina, OH  44281
United States
Name: Dilip Shah
E-mail: emc3solu@aol.com
Phone: 330-328-4400
Company Description:  
  Training and consulting services to the Measurement, Calibration, and Quality related fileds
  EADS North America Defense Test and Services, Inc.
4 Goodyear
Irvine, CA  92618
United States
Name: Fran Bennett
Title: Sr. Business Communications Manager
E-mail: fran.bennett@eads-nadefense.com
Phone: 949-859-8999
FAX: 949-859-7139
Company Description:  
  Formerly Racal Instruments, Inc., we design, manufacture, sell, and service electronic test and measurement equipment, systems, and software to leading high-technology customers throughout the world.
  Eagle Circuits - A One-Source Company
10820 Sanden Drive
Dallas, TX  75238
Name: Nilesh S. Naik
Title: Managing Director
E-mail: nsnaik@onesource-group.com
Phone: 214-349-0288
FAX: 214-349-1210
Company Description:  
  Six companies that serve various aspects of electronics manufacturing, from initial layout to finished assemblies.
  Eagle Test Systems
2200 Millbrook Dr.
Buffalo Grove, IL  60089
United States
Name: Ken Nowak
E-mail: knowak@eagletest.com
Phone: 847-367-8282
Company Description:  
  Makers of Mixed Signal IC automated test equipment.
2933 Bunker Hill Lane, Suite 105
Santa Clara, CA  95054
United States
Name: Jim Howard
Title: Sales
E-mail: jim.howard@eagletest.com
Phone: 408-914-0819
Company Description:  
  Manufacturer of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for semiconductor companies.
  Eclypse International Corp.
265 N. Joy Street, Suite 150
Corona, CA  92879
United States
Name: Christopher Teal
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: cteal@eclypse.org
Phone: 951-371-8008 Ext: 30
FAX: 951-371-8022
Company Description:  
  Eclypse International Corporation is an OEM of Wiring and Circuit Analyzers. Rugged and deployable solutions are our specialty. We make a noticable difference in high speed test and ease of use.
  ECS Composites
3560 Rogue River Highway
Grants Pass, OR  97527
Name: Bobbie Kolada
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: bobbie.kolada@ecscase.com
Phone: 541-476-8871
FAX: 541-474-2479
Company Description:  
  Maker of cases, cushions, and case hardware.
  EDA Industries SpA
Via dell'Elettronica
Cittaducle, Rieti 02015
Name: Glyn Lloyd-Jones
Title: Technical Director
E-mail: glyn.lloydjones@eda-industries.com
Phone: +39 07460694044
Company Description:  
  Test During Burn-In systems, Environmental Stress Screening Systems, Data Acquisition and Control
Beijing, Beijing 100041
Name: Peter Schrader
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: peters@edmi.com.au
Phone: +61 73888 3066
FAX: +61 7 3888 3583
Company Description:  
  Manufacture of electronic revenue energy meters.
162 South Pine Road
Brendale, Queensland  4500
Name: Lee Phuan Weng
Title: Managing Director
E-mail: sales@edmi.com.au
Phone: +011-61-738-816466
FAX: +011-61-738-816467
Company Description:  
  EDMI is an Australian based company, specialising in the design and production of advanced metering and monitoring equipment for the Power Utility Industry.
  EDMO Distributors, Inc.
5505 East Rutter Avenue
Spokane, WA  99212
Name: Bob Meeker
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: bobm@edmo.com
Phone: 800-235-3300
FAX: 800-828-0623
Company Description:  
  Distributor of aircraft avionics, avionics test equipment, installation and pilot supplies.
  Edmund Industrial Optics
101 East Gloucester Pike
Barrington, NJ  08007-1380
Name: Jeff Harvey
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: sales@edmundoptics.com
Phone: 800-363-1992
FAX: 856-573-6295
Company Description:  
  Edmund Industrial Optics (EO) has been a leading supplier of optics and optical components to industry since 1942, designing and manufacturing a wide array of multi-element lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and opto-mechanical equipment.
  Edmund Scientific
N969 Edscorp Bldg.
Barrington, NJ  08007
Name: Mr. M. Edmund
Title: President
E-mail: scientifics@edsci.com
Phone: 800-728-6999
FAX: 800-728-6999
Company Description:  
  Makers of optical components and instruments.
  EG&G Instruments
200 Orchard Ridge Drive, Suite 100
Gaithersburg, MD  20878
Name: Randall A. Wotring
Title: President
E-mail: corporateweb@perkinelmer.com
Phone: 301-258-6554
FAX: 301-721-2220
Company Description:  
  Maintain and upgrade military aircraft, vehicles, and equipment.
  EI Microcircuits Inc
1651 Pohl road
Mankato, MN  56001
Name: Scott Dodge
Title: Director of Manufacturing
E-mail: service@emicro.com
Phone: 507-345-5786
FAX: 507-345-7559
Company Description:  
  A full-service EMS provider, specializing in product design, mechanical packaging, PCB layout, design for manufacturability, design for test.

    1 - 20
of 101 Records
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