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Company Logo Company Contact Info
1770 Kettering
Irvine, CA  92614
United States
Name: Loofie Gutterman
Title: President
E-mail: loofieg@geotestinc.com
Phone: 949-263-2222
FAX: 949-263-1203
Company Description:  
  A subsidiary of the Marvin Group, Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of PXI and PC-based test products, systems, and solutions. Geotestís products and systems are used worldwide.
  G Systems
860 Avenue F, Suite 100
Plano, TX  75074
Name: Andrew Kahn
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: Andrew.Kahn@gsystems.com
Phone: 972-516-2278
FAX: 972-424-2286
Company Description:  
  G Systems specializes in the design and development of custom test and measurement, data acquisition, and control systems, including system integration.
  Gaertner Scientific
3650 Jarvis Avenue
Skokie, IL  60076
Name: Rusty Kutko
Title: President
E-mail: email@gaertnerscientific.com
Phone: 847 673 5006
FAX: 847 673 5009
Company Description:  
  Makers of ellipsometers, microscopes and optical instruments.
1 Provost, Suite #200
Lachine, Quebec  H8S 4H2
Name: Nicole Faubert
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: nfaubert@gage-applied.com
Phone: 514-633-7007 x3034
FAX: 800-780-8411
Company Description:  
  Gage is a worldwide industry leader in high-performance PC-based digitizers. Product offerings include 8, 12, 14 and 16-bit A/D and Scope cards for PCI and CompactPCI/PXI bus with up to 4 Gigabytes of memory, GageScope Software, and powerful SDKs.
  Galaxy Semiconductor
Waltham, MA  02453
United States
Name: Bertrand Renaud
E-mail: bertrand.renaud@galaxysemi.com
Phone: 781-891-1148
FAX: 781-891-1955
Company Description:  
  Examinator is a software solution that enables test and product engineers to perform characterization, production monitoring, and yield analysis studies from standard semiconductor data files such as STDF, WAT and PCM. Free download available.
  Galco Industrial Electronics
26010 Pinehurst Drive
Madison Heights, MI  48071
United States
E-mail: sales@galco.com
Phone: 800-575-5562
FAX: 248-542-8031
Company Description:  
  Providing automation control solutions since 1975. Galco offers engineering services; industrial electronic repair; field service; and product distribution of semiconductors, test instruments and measurement, drives, motors, power supplies and more.
  Galil Motion Control
3750 Atherton Road
Rocklin, CA  95765
Name: Wayne Baron
Title: President
Phone: 916-626-0101
FAX: 916-626-0102
Company Description:  
  Manufacturer of the motion controller.
  Gaston Electronics
1310 Charles R. Jonas Highway
Mt. Holly, NC  28120
Name: Dick Knorr
Title: Vice President
E-mail: dknorr@gastonelectronics.com
Phone: 704-822-5091
FAX: 704-822-5091
Company Description:  
  Contract manufacturer. Provides services such as circuit design, board design, material procurement, surface-mount technology (SMT), ball-grid array (BGA), and printed through-hole.
  Gauge Repair Service
365 Van Ness Way, Suite #507
Torrance, CA  90501
Name: Ted Haggstrom
Title: Owner
E-mail: tedsr@grsusa.com
Phone: 310-212-0912
FAX: 310-320-3032
Company Description:  
  Calibration services, pressure 50K, Torque 20K, A2LA acredited, gauges, dead weight testers.
  GE Fanuc Embedded Systems
P.O. Box 8106
Charlottesville, VA  22906
United States
Name: Joe Dean
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: joseph.dean@gefanuc.com
Phone: 469-330-4715
FAX: 972-671-1581
Company Description:  
  Provider of PowerPC VME based single board computers.
  GE Fanuc Embedded Systems
P.O. Box 8106
Charlottesville, VA  22906
United States
  GE Industrial, Sensing
1100 Technology Park Dr
Billerica, MA  018211
Name: Poupak Sepehri
Title: Poupak.Sepehri@ge.com
E-mail: sensing@ge.com
Phone: 978-437-1000
FAX: 215-953-2569
Company Description:  
  Offers precision instruments and systems that measure temperature, pressure, liquid level, humidity, gas concentration, and flow rate. Manufactures transducers, pressure controllers, deadweight testers and indicators, and air data test sets.
  GE Panametrics - PCI Div.
1100 Technology Park Dr.
Billerica, MA  01821
Name: Daryl Belock
Title: Commercialization Manager
E-mail: sensing@ge.com
Phone: 978-437-1434
FAX: 978-437-1031
Company Description:  
  GE Panametrics has joined other high-technology measurement and sensing businesses under a new name, GE Sensing.
  Gearing & Watson Electronics
South Road
Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 3JJ
UK (Great Britain)
Name: S.K. Potts
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: sales@gearing-watson.com
Phone: +44(0)1323-846464
FAX: +44(0)1323-847550
Company Description:  
  Manufacturer of vibration test equipment and underwater acoustic systems.
  Geller MicroAnalytical Laboratory
426e Boston St.
Topsfield, MA  01983
United States
Name: Joseph Geller
Title: President
E-mail: jg@gellermicro.com
Phone: 978 887-7000
FAX: 978 887-6671
Company Description:  
  ISO-9001 and 17025 accedited. Specializing in microelectronics, medical, ceramics and metallurgical investigations we offer Auger electron spectroscopy, XPS, SEM, optical microscopy, X-ray, Electron Microprobe, profilometry and metallography.
  General Atomics
P.O. Box 85608
San Diego, CA  92138
Name: Thomas J. Cassidy, Jr.
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: thomas.cassidy@ga.com
Phone: 858-455-3000
FAX: 858-455-3621
Company Description:  
  Development ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to remotely operated surveillance aircraft, airborne sensors, and advanced electric, electronic, wireless and laser technologies.
2625 Dalton Street
Ste-Foy, QC  G1P 3S9
Name: Marcel Landry
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: mlandry@gentec.ca
Phone: 418-651-8000
FAX: 418-651-6695
Company Description:  
  Distribute electronic parts and design custom systems.
  GET Engineering Corp
9350 Bond Ave
El Cajon, CA  92021
Name: Joseph Halsted
Title: Director of Marketing
E-mail: sales@getntds.com
Phone: 619-443-8295
FAX: 619-443-8613
Company Description:  
  Design and manufactures LINK 11 support products for TADIL-A, TADIL-B and other tactical data links. This includes industry standard form factor interface adapters for NTDS and ATDS, cables and interconnect devices.
  GHI Systems
916 N. Western Ave., #201
San Pedro, CA  90732
Name: Eric Pastell
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: ghisys2002@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 310-548-6544
FAX: 310-548-5749
Company Description:  
  Provider of shock and vibration analysis and hardware systems.
  Gigatronics, Inc.
4650 Norris Canyon Road
San Ramon, CA  94583-1320
United States
Name: Phil Bowen
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: pbowen@gigatronics.com
Phone: 925-328-4650 ext. 4735
FAX: 925-328-4700
Company Description:  
  Manufacturer of microwave synthesized signal generators, VXI Signal Generators, VXI Power Meter, VXI switches, PXI switches, Power Meter & Power Sensors and network analyzers.

    1 - 20
of 49 Records
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