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Company Logo Company Contact Info
Saelig Company Inc.
E-mail: support@saelig.com
Phone: 585-385-1750
FAX: 585-385-1768
Company Description:  
  Cleverscope™ CS328 is a new USB-connected all-in-one PC-based mixed signal oscilloscope adapter - better than many traditional stand-alone oscilloscopes and is even more sophisticated than other PC scope-adapters. This innovative tool delivers an unbeatable combination of affordability, ease of use and documentation of test results with "Copy and Paste" simplicity. You can display real-time analog, math-modified waveforms as well as digital signals simultaneously, using the built-in signal generator as your swept-frequency source, and easily transfer results into other applications such as Word, Excel, etc. Cleverscope™ CS328 features two 10-bit, self-calibrating A/D channels, sampling at 100 Megasamples/second simultaneously. Gain and offset automatically adjust for instantly viewable results for inputs from 20mV to 800V full scale. The external trigger is adjustable from 0 to ±20V in 40 mV increments. A huge 4 Megasample buffer allows you to drill down and display detailed information from the very long data buffer. 8 digital inputs are also available, sampling simultaneously at 100 Megasamples/second. Cleverscope™ CS328 offers highly flexible mixed-signal triggering, scope and spectrum display – you can
  S2 Technologies
2037 San Elijo Avenue
Cardiff, CA  92007-1726
Name: Mark Underseth
Title: President & CEO
E-mail: marku@s2technologies.com
Phone: 760-635-2345
Company Description:  
  Makers of embedded software verification platforms designed to optimize integration by enabling software development teams to accelerate continuous integration, testing, and verification.
  SA Sistel - 6tl engineering
Solsonès, 87-89
Castellar del Vallès, NONE 08211
Name: David Batet
Title: Managing Director
E-mail: dbatet@sasistel.es
Phone: 0034937270074
FAX: 0034937253576
Company Description:  
  Functional Test Platofms for electronics Modules to integrate an ATE
  Sac Tec Labs, Inc.
23625 Madison Street
Torrance, CA  90505
Name: Bob Kunich
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: wsales@sactec.com
Phone: 310-375-5295
FAX: 310-375-9647
Company Description:  
  Provides electrical testing, environmental testing, and design engineering services
  Safety Source of California
P. O. Box 55001
Valencia, CA  91355
United States
Name: Kevin O'Brien
Title: Sales & Marketing Manager
E-mail: safetysource@excite.com
Phone: 661-254-6006
FAX: 661-254-6065
Company Description:  
  Deploys flood mitigation.
  Sage Instruments
240 Airport Blvd.
Freedom, CA  95019-2614
Name: Ron Thompson
Title: Test Engineer
E-mail: webmaster@sageinst.com
Phone: 408-761-1000
Company Description:  
  Makers of the Model 925VST handheld voice-over-packet tester, the Model 935AT communications test set, and the Model 960A handheld T1/E1 line tester.
  Sakor Technologies, Inc.
2855 W. Jolly Road
Okemos, MI  48864
United States
Name: Randal Beattie
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: rbeattie@sakor.com
Phone: 517-332-7256
FAX: 517-332-7250
Company Description:  
  Sakor Technologies, Inc. has been supplying the automotive and related industries with automated test, data acquisition, and control instrumentation since 1987
  Saline Lectronics, Inc.
710 N. Maple Road
Saline, MI  48130
United States
Name: Bob Heller
Title: VP, Manufacturing
E-mail: bheller@lectronics.net
Phone: 734-944-1967
Company Description:  
  An ISO certified, electronic contract manufacturer specializing in prototype through box-build assemblies.
  Salland Engineering International BV
Schrevenweg 12 8024
Name: Paul van Ulsen
Title: Managing Director
E-mail: paul.vanulsen@salland.com
Phone: +31 (0)38-454 7702
FAX: +31 (0)38-454 4785
Company Description:  
  Create solutions together with our customers to make testing easy and efficient, and create an environment where our employees can work using state of the art technology to expand their knowledge.
  Samplify Systems LLC
229 Corte Madera Road
Portola Valley, CA  94028
United States
Name: Al Wegener
Title: President
E-mail: awegener@samplify.com
Phone: 408-221-1191
Company Description:  
  Samplify Systems makes high-speed compression hardware (FPGA netlists) and software to compress test signals at 100+ Msamp/sec.
  Samuel A. Kirk Consulting
23602 Thornton Avenue, Suite #168
Fremont, CA  94536-7400
Name: Sam Kirk
Title: Chief Consulting Engineer
E-mail: sam@samkirk.com
Phone: 510-794-0340
Company Description:  
  Diagnostic Software & Firmware Engineering and Hardware Test Programming
  Sapphire Instruments Co., Ltd.
No. 7, Alley 3, Lane 458, Yung-Ho Rd.
Name: Tina Chen
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: saphirei@ms14.hinet.net
Phone: +011-886-2225-0572
FAX: +011-886-2-22253412
Company Description:  
  Provider of a complete set of differential probes.
  Satyam Computer services Ltd
Hyderabad, A.P 500855
Name: Anilkumar Kavil
Title: Consultant
E-mail: anilkaty@yahoo.com
Phone: +91 40 30633710
Company Description:  
  Test Software services
  Saunders & Associates, Inc.
2520 East Rose Garden Land
Phoenix, AZ  85050
Name: David Chapman
Title: VP, Sales
E-mail: sales@saunders-assoc.com
Phone: 602-971-9977
FAX: 602-971-5522
Company Description:  
  Began as quartz crystal consultants, evolved into a measurement and test equipment vendor for oscillator testers and meters.
  Sauquoit Industries
300 Palm Street
Scranton, PA  18505
Name: Frank McNally
Title: President
E-mail: fmcnally@sauquoit.com
Phone: 800-858-5552
FAX: 570-348-0920
Company Description:  
  Leading producer of conductive materials such as Fabrics, Filaments, Fibers, and Fillers. This technology provides a platform for a myriad of applications, including anti-static, EMI/RFI Shielding, and anti-microbial applications.
  Savla Services
53 Chantal Smruti, Katrak Rd.
Wadala, Mumbai, Maharashtra  400031
Name: Vinod Shah
Title: Partner
E-mail: savlaservices@yahoo.com
Phone: +011-91-22-4104881
FAX: +011-91-22-4161286
Company Description:  
  Manufacturer of digital multimeters and oscilloscopes.
  Savonia AMK
Microkatu 1 C
Kuopio, PL 1188 70211
Name: tero sipari
Title: Test Engineer
E-mail: tero.sipari@savonia-amk.fi
Phone: +358 447 855 595
Company Description:  
  EMC - test lab.
  ScanCAD International
P.O. Box 598
Morrison, CO  80465-0598
Name: Bill Loving
Title: President
E-mail: sciloving@aol.com
Phone: 303-697-8888
FAX: 303-697-8580
Company Description:  
  Manufacturers of machine vision and inspection systems for PCBs and wafers.
  ScanCAD International
P.O. Box 598
Morrison, CO  80465-0598
Name: Christopher Campos
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: chris.campos@ScanCAD.com
Phone: 303-697-8888
FAX: 303-697-8580
Company Description:  
  Manufacturers of machine vision and inspection systems for PCBs and wafers.
  Schlegel Bvba
Rochesterlaan 4
Name: Dr. Uwe Schlegel
Title: President
E-mail: schlegelbe@schlegel.eu.com
Phone: +011-32-59-270-300
FAX: +011-32-59-270-345
Company Description:  
  Manufacturer of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products.

    1 - 20
of 175 Records
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