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BestTest Directory

Welcome to The BestTest Directory - 
"The Best Test site on the Internet SM."

Frequently Asked Questions About The BestTest Directory

What Directories are included in The BestTest Directory? 

What is the process?

Since we first established this most useful test place in 1998, we have changed it to a database we call SmartTest TM.  SmartTest performs the following functions:

  • Provides listings of existing entries in each of the different directories
  • Enables all registered users to search for and propose adding appropriate information to any of the directories
  • Provides for an authentication process, whereby proposed information to be added can be authenticated by referenced test vendors and/or A.T.E. Solutions, Inc. before posting.

What makes this site Unique?

What makes this site unique is that it enables you and your nearly 100,000 test professionals around the world to contribute and add to each of these information sources - at NO COST to either vendor or visitor.

Besides the ability to add information and to use SmartTest as a test community information warehouse, this site is unique in that it is geared for searchers.  Rather than simply list companies, this site allows you to search for test products and services by their capabilities.  A sophisticated three-tier classification system allows us to classify products by

  • Main Category
  • Type
  • Qualifier

Additionally, you can search for a product by text.  In seconds you can find a large selection of the product/service meeting your qualifications.

How complete is The BestTest Directory?

With the NEW BestTest Directory, test vendors are able to add, modify, and edit their product and service listings any time.  Since all listings are FREE, we expect that every test vendor will want to put their products and services on the web site.  

Can we be sure the Information is Accurate?

We take great care to ensure that the final say about the capabilities and specifications of the items we list have been approved by the authorized representative of the test vendor.  While we cannot guarantee that errors will not occur, we make a company representative aware of any modifications to one of their products.  Also, we generally include links to the source of the information or where you can go to get further verification of the product's or service's capabilities.

How many Test Vendors are Included?

We know of approximately 3,500 test vendors and we are attempting to contact all of them. 

Is this site intended for Advertisers?

This site is primarily designed to disseminate information about test to visitors.  In order to get as much information about test products and services, legitimate test vendors can list their products here FREE of charge and without obligation.

Advertising is available, however, for those who wish to promote their products in a better light.  For complete details, go to Advertising.

We are also open to exchanging advertising banners. Contact us at experts@BestTest.com 

How is The BestTest Directory tied in with The BestTest Newsletter?

The BestTest Newsletter is emailed twice each month to those  members of the BestTest community who wish to receive it.  (You can Edit your profile and change this request.)  The BestTest Newsletter provides the following in each issue:

  • Focus on a Product or Service.  e.g. one issue may be on "oscilloscopes" while another is on "testing services."  For past and upcoming issues see The BestTest Newsletter Index.
  • An article on how to select the feature product/service.
  • A survey question about the feature product/service
  • A direct link to the various directories dealing with the focused product/service.
  • The latest News in test for the past half month, including Test Publications and new product releases.
  • List of upcoming events
  • Links to advertisers and those having Embedded Image Ads.

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Contact us at experts@BestTest.com