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Building Your Own ATE

Building Your Own ATE
  Building Your Own ATE

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What you will learn: 

You will learn how to put together an Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) from instrumentation built to the IEEE-488 (GPIB or HPIB) and VXIbus and PXI standards.


The ATE is introduced as a set of manual test instruments driven by a computer. The course shows how a Test Requirements Analysis (TRA) can be performed. This information is necessary in the selection of instruments used to apply stimuli and make measurements. The VXIbus and PXI standards are also discussed in detail.

Who should Attend: 

Test engineers and others who design test systems will learn what it takes to go this route.


The ATE Introduced

  • Manual Tester Subsystems
  • Automatic Tester Subsystems

Test Requirements Analysis

  • Workload Projection
  • Test Stage Selection

ATE Building Blocks

  • Stimulus Subsystems
  • Measuring Subsystems
  • Routing Subsystems

Introduction to GPIB, HPIB, IEEE 488.1 and 488.2

Introduction to the VXI Bus

  • Why instrumentation buses?
  • The IEEE 488 Bus
  • The VME Bus
  • Construction of a VXI card
  • P1 (VME) Connector
  • P2 & P3 Connector Signals
  • Local Bus Signals

VXI Plug&Play Alliance

PC-Based Instruments and PXI

Test Executive and Test Software

ATE Maintenance

  • Upgrading an ATE
  • ATE Reliability
  • Sources of ATE Errors

ATE Buy/Build Decision

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