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ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

ElectroMagnetic Compatibility
  ElectroMagnetic Compatibility Test and Design

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What you will Learn: 

You will learn the principles of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as it applies to military and non-military compliance.


The course introduces EMC compliance requirements and methods by which they can be tested. It covers techniques designers should use to improve compatibility.

Who should Attend

Designers, test engineers, quality assurance managers and others looking for ways to meet compliance.


Examples of EMI/EMC Case Histories

Basic Elements of EMI/EMC

Definition of EMI Terms and Units

  • DeciBels 

  • Conducted/Radiated EMI 

  • Narrowband/Broadband EMI

Compliance Particulars

  • MIL-STD-461
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Certification Criteria
  • Emission Limits
  • Susceptibility Levels
  • Immunity Levels

Test Setups and Procedures

  • Facility Approval
  • Radiated and Conducted Emission
  • Radiated and Conducted Susceptibility
  • Radiated and Conducted Immunity
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Transients and Surges

Design Particulars

  • Fourier Review
  • Predictions with Coupling Models

Equipment Level Applications

  • Shielding Analysis
  • Filter Design
  • Grounding and Bonding
  • Transient Protection

Spectral Analysis

Source, Coupling and Victim

Transmitter/Receiver EMI

  • Transmitter EMI Characteristics

  • Antenna and Propagation Loss

  • Receiver EMI Characteristics

  • EMI Suppression and Control

  • Communication System Design for EMC

Equipment/System Level EMI Problems

  • Sources of EMI

  • Victims of EMI

  • Coupling

Modes of EMI Coupling

  • Differential Mode Conducted

  • Common Mode Conducted

  • Common Source Impedance Coupling

  • Ground Loop Coupling

  •  Radiated Coupling

Controlling EMI Coupling

Grounding for Control of EMI

  • Grounding Considerations

  • Single Point Ground

  • Multipoint Ground


By Pass and Feed Through Capacitors


  • Types of Filters

  • Filter Selection

  •  Out-of-band performance

  •  Installation Guidelines

Isolation Transformers

Optical Isolators

Surge Suppressors

  • Types

  • Selection

  •  Installation


Radiated EMI Coupling

Wire-to-Wire Coupling
  • Inductive Coupling

  • Capacitive Coupling

  • Twisted Wire Pairs

  • Shielded Wire Pairs

Cable Selections and Routing

EMI Shielding

  • Shielding Materials

  • Controlling Leakage Through Apertures

  • Controlling Leakage Through Seams

Diagnosing EMI Problems

Summary of EMI Fixes

Regulations and Standards

On Site Installation

  • Compatibility
  • Cable Routing
  • Grounding
  • Transient Protection

EMI Tests and Measurements

  •  EMI Test Equipment

  • EMI Test Facilities

  • Conducted Emissions Testing

  •  Conducted Susceptibility Testing

  • Radiated Emissions Testing

  •  Radiated Susceptibility Testing

Summary of EMC Design Considerations

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