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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

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What you will Learn: 

You will learn how to prepare and utilize FMEA to improve reliability, safety, testability, and maintainability.


This course will describe FMEA methodology and its multiple uses for a more reliable, testable and maintainable product..

Who should Attend

Engineers and managers of all disciplines will find this course extremely useful to their work.


Concurrent Engineering and FMEA

  • FMEA in product design, process design, and customer support

FMEA Methodology: The Right Way

  • Component and Functional Approaches

FMEA and Reliability Analysis

  • Risk Analysis Criteria
  • Design Controls
  • Life-cycle Cost Analysis

FMEA for Safety Analysis

  • Severity & Frequency Assessment
  • Design Guidelines for Safety

FMEA for Downtime Analysis

  • Criteria for Risk Reduction

Process FMEA

  • Choosing the Right Process
  • Preventing  Operator Mistakes

Use of Process Analysis Maps (PAM)

FMEA to Improve Maintenance

  • Improving Operating Efficiency
  • Improving Maintenance Effectiveness
  • Better Predictions through FMEA

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