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ISO-9000 and Quality Assurance

ISO-9000 and Quality Assurance
  ISO-9000 and Quality Assurance

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What you will Learn: 

You will learn to identify the ISO-9000 standards relevant to your organization.. You will also learn the planning and implementation process associated with installing an ISO-9000 quality system.


The course begins with a comprehensive discussion of quality and proceeds to the management of quality. The implementation details of ISO Standards are interpreted and discussed. A typical plan is used as a means to identify and understand specific work activities.

Who should Attend

Anyone concerned with quality, whether or not in an ISO-9000 facility will benefit from this insight to the standard.


Introduction to Quality

  • What is Quality?
  • Quality Management Systems

Quality System Standards

  • ISO-9000 Selecting a Standard for Certification
  • ISO-9001 to 9003 Model Control Provisions
  • ISO-9004 A Management System that Nurtures Quality
  • ISO-10011 Auditing Quality Systems
  • ISO-10012 Quality Assurance of Measuring Instruments

ISO-9001 Quality System Elements

  • Element Requirements
  • Relationship to 9002 and 9003 Elements

Quality System Implementation and Registration

  • A Typical Implementation Plan
  • The Executive Steering Committee
  • The Responsibility Matrix
  • The ISO Action Team
  • System Documentation
  • System Training
  • System Maintenance and Improvement

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