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Our courses are world renown for three major reasons:

  • Our instructors are highly knowledgeable in their fields of expertise.

  • Our instructors are great teachers, with the ability and caring that it takes to impart knowledge.

  • Our instructors are enthusiastic because they care about their profession and about their students.

The instructors' biographies follow:

Mr. Louis Y. Ungar - Director. Test Engineering, Test Economics, Testability, Built-In Self Test and Diagnostics Instructor

Mr. Ungar received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering and Computer Sciences from UCLA and completed course work for a Masters of Arts degree in Management. As a test engineer he designed in-house automatic test equipment (ATE) and developed dozens of test program sets (TPSs). He later became a manager, supervising about thirty test engineers who developed and integrated hundreds of test programs on nearly a dozen different ATEs. He also helped develop a logic simulator with translation capability to various ATE languages.

After joining a major aerospace company, Mr. Ungar designed payload systems for the Space Shuttle, where he later led a team of designers. In 1981 Mr. Ungar returned to the testing field and founded the consulting firm later called A.T.E. (for Advanced Test Engineering) Solutions, Inc. He introduced the first university accredited Electronics Test Engineering curriculum at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and later taught these courses at three other universities as well. He has gained world-wide recognition for his articles, texts and lectures on testability and ATE topics. He continues to work as a consultant to industry and governments.  His courses have been taught to tens of thousands at publicly held seminars and on-site courses in more than a dozen different countries around the world.

Mr. Ungar was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Society of Test Engineers, has served as its National Secretary, was the founding President of the Society's Los Angeles Chapter and has been recognized as a life time member. Mr. Ungar is a member of the IEEE and is involved in committees which prepare standards for test and testability.  In 2002, as the Surface Mount Technology Association's (SMTA) Testability Committee Chair he helped publish the SMTA Testability Guidelines.  He has twice been honored as a biogrophee in WHO'S WHO IN CALIFORNIA and in WHO'S WHO IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. He has authored and co-authored course notes and books on the subjects of test, ATE and Testability.  Mr. Ungar's work in the area of built-in self test (BIST) has earned him United States Patents.

He is currently involved with an organization of industry and government experts he founded in order to create testability guidelines for project and corporate management.

As Director of The Test Engineering Educational Program, he sets the goals and standards of high scholarship and practical application for all the courses offered by A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.  While all our instructors excel in their chosen fields, Mr. Ungar demands that all our instructors also excel in their ability to educate and stimulate the attendees of our courses.

Dr. Jack Alanen - Software Test Instructor

Dr. Alanen has over forty years of experience and is a specialist in software metrics. He has extensive teaching background and managed computer centers at various universities. He chaired the computer science department at California State University Northridge. He has also gained industrial experience in senior positions at IBM, Chi Corporation, Litton Guidance and Control Systems Division, Software/Hardware Reliability Inc., Litton Aeoroproducts Division and most recently at Litton Data Systems where he lead the software engineering process group for a large military realtime, embedded software system. He holds BS and MS degrees in Mathematics from Case Institute of Technology and MS and Ph.D. degrees in statistics from Yale University. Dr. Alanen has taught Software Test courses for more than 6 years and is part-time instructor for UCLA Engineering Extension.

Mr. Michael T. Ellis - Instructor for Military Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Avionics Test Program Sets (TPSs)

Mike Ellis has conducted seminars for the ATE and TPS Development technical and management community for over twenty years.  Mike’s seminars have been attended by over 2000 professionals from over twenty different countries and have been taught on four continents.  Mike has published approximately 40 technical papers and over one hundred articles on ATE technology and management topics.  He has been honored with numerous awards including the Frank McGinnis Memorial Award from IEEE for leadership in ATE and the NDIA John Slattery Memorial Award for innovation and integrity in test.  He is a recognized speaker at IEEE conferences and is a designated Distinguished Instructor by IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society (AESS).

Dr. Karl D. Feintuch - Instructor for Quality Assurance and ISO-9000 Courses

Dr. Feintuch is a recognized expert in quality assurance, management and ISO-9000. He spent the past twenty-three years in both training and technical management. He worked on nuclear power plant training programs which included simulator and software maintenance. For the past ten years he has worked with such organizations as CAE-Link Corp. and ARINC Research Corp. in establishing, implementing, and coordinating Total Quality Management (TQM) and ISO-9000 activities.

Mr. Charles (Chuck) Hellier - Instructor for Nondestructive Testing Courses

Mr. Hellier is a renown expert in the field of Nondestructive Test. A graduate of Penn State and Temple University, he holds a Level III Certification in all the major Nondestructive Test (NDT) methods and is a Registered Professional Engineer. He has presented and published many papers on various subjects dealing with NDT and Quality Assurance. He is past National President of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing and is presently a member of the National Certification Board, Strategic Planning Committee, and the International Committee.

Mr. Ed Howe - Environmental and Reliability Testing Instructor

Mr. Howe has nearly forty years experience in the design and manufacturing processes of which the last twelve years were in the area of electrical stress screening (ESS). He was responsible for developing and implementing ESS processes in design, test and manufacturing for all Bradley Fighting Vehicle and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems electronics. He has conducted several courses on how to develop ESS guidelines and has received awards for contributing to Total Quality Management. Mr. Howe holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Dr. William G. ("Bill") Duff - Instructor for EMC/EMI Testing and Design

Dr. Duff, is a leading expert in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility.  He has over 35 years of experience in EMC design, analysis, test and problem solving for a wide variety of electronics equipments and systems.  He has extensive experience in applying electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression and control techniques to equipment and systems.

He received the BEE degree from George Washington University, the MSEE degree from Syracuse University and the D.Sc.E.E. degree from Clayton University. Dr. Duff is an active member of the IEEE EMC Society, where he has served as President.  He is currently the Director of Division IV, Electromagnetics and Radiation, a member of the EMC Society Board of Directors, Chairman of the EMC Society Fellow Evaluation Committee and an Associate Editor for the EMC Society Newsletter.

Bill has received a number of awards, including the Lawrence G. Cumming Award for Outstanding Service, the Richard R. Stoddard Award for Outstanding Performance and a “Best Paper” award on one of more than 40 technical papers he published.  He was elected an IEEE Fellow in 1981 and is a NARTE Certified EMC Engineer.

Mr. Manfried (Manny) Meschke - Instructor for Computer and Power Supply Test and Test Management Courses

Mr. Meschke has over thirty years of experience in the management, design and application of special purpose and commercial ATE. He has tested and managed the testing of analog, digital and mixed signal circuit boards and systems. He has designed and developed factory level test equipment for position servos, shaft encoders and power supplies. He founded one of the first test engineering consulting firms in the early 1970s where he developed TASC, a functional fault simulator. Recently he worked as a test engineering manager for Western Digital, where he has developed a number of strategies for testing high volume disk controllers and microprocessor based circuits. Mr. Meschke is presently serving as President of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Society of Test Engineers (ASTE).

Dr. Alex Miczo - Instructor for VLSI Test, VHDL and Simulation Courses

Dr. Miczo has devoted the past decade to simulation and test generation. He developed TDX, an expert system used for automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) for highly complex VLSI circuits. The first such ATPG to be based on behavioral level description (in VHDL , Verilog HDL, etc.) is a monumental accomplishment in dealing with the test of today's complex circuits. Author of Digital Logic Testing and Simulation, Dr. Miczo has worked for such companies as Schlumberger and IBM. He received his MS and Ph.D. in Information Science from Syracuse University.

Mr. Dev G. Raheja - Instructor for Reliability, Environmental and Stress Screening Courses, including FMEA and Software Safety

Dev Raheja, is an international consultant and trainer in new product development since 1981. Prior to this he served in management positions at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc., General Electric, and Cooper Industries. He is a world leader in Design Assurance and is credited with turning around a major Division of a large corporation from going out of business to achieving Number One market position. Since then he has rescued several businesses. His clients include General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Eaton, Intel, Northern Telecom, IBM, Siemens, Nissan, NASA, Boeing, Mattel, Warner Lambert, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed-Martin, British Telecom, Ford, Apple Computer, and U.S. Navy. He served as Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland for its Ph.D. program in Reliability Engineering during 1994-99.. He has received several awards including the Scientific Achievement Award from the System Safety Society. An author of McGraw-Hill best technical seller Assurance Technologies: Principles and practices” (1991), he teaches courses Designing for Reliability, Designing for Safety, and Developing Innovation Skills.

Mr. Craig Stoldt - Instructor for TPS Development, ATE Architecture, CASS and TPS Rehosting

Craig Stoldt has been actively involved with the ATE industry since 1971.  For 28 years, he was involved with the development of application test programs for the military.  This involved development of test requirements documents (TRDs) and TPSs including ITA design and software integration, primarily in the ATLAS language.  His background led to his professional involvement with the NSIA (now NDIA) MATE and CASS User groups where he chaired the TPS Development Committees for several years.  He currently serves as a member at large on the NDIA Automatic Test Committee helping to bridge the communications between the DOD and industry.  His experience also led him into a role as an instructor of ATE test development requirements, ATLAS coding and other test related requirements for both US and foreign military organizations. Craig has delivered papers and chaired technical sessions at Autotestcon and participated in multiple studies through the NDIA on TPS application and planning activities in conjunction with various DOD agencies.  In 1999, Craig was awarded the NDIA John F. Slattery Memorial Award in recognition of outstanding technical contributions to the ATE industry.

Other Instructors

A number of other test professionals teach courses for us, especially when a customized on-site course requires a particular expertise. Test professional with special expertise who wish to teach a test related course should write to us at Instructors@BestTest.com.

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