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Entry/Exit Counter and Data Base

This system can be used to automatically record into your computer the exact time when someone enters and when someone exits your establishment. These records can be used to build an informative data base that can greatly improve the profitability of your company.

Every time someone enters your establishment they cross a threshold.  The sensor can determine whether the person is entering or exiting and immediately sends a signal through a wireless transmitter to a computer.  The computer enters the time and date that the entry or exit occurred.  From this seemingly  innocuous data you can learn so much about your business, even when you are miles away, that you will be able to make changes to your operation that can save you thousands, perhaps millions in just a short time.

Common Applications

  • You can tell how many people came to your store, and if you own several stores you can compare them and determine what could cause a major discrepancy

  • You can tell at what hours you need a larger staff and at what hours you can do with less

  • You can determine if a location is less than ideal for your operation

  • Comparing Entry/Exit data with your Point of Sales can show how effective your sales staff has been

  • You can tell what percentage of your shoppers are just lookers or alternatively, how many times someone needs to enter your store before they shop

Other Applications

  • You will be able to tell how many people are in your store, your bar, your ballroom, your theater, etc. so that fire safety laws can be adhered to

  • You will be able to tell how many people are strolling around in the store for safety purposes

  • If your store sells expensive items, you may want to correlate this information with your alarm system

Expand to a Management System

  • If you have several stores, you can have the information correlated

  • You may view in real time the information from each store through the Internet

  • You have the data necessary to compare performance over time, by event, etc.

  • You may even put several counters throughout one store to determine which part of your store is more popular.

System components

The system consists of three major parts

  • Sensor Unit (including RF Transmitter)

  • RF Receiver unit (including antenna and computer interface)

  • Personal Computer (equipped with an RS-232 port and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)

Sensor Unit                                    RF Receiver Unit




Pentium or Higher

Serial Port

RS-232 or equivalent (generally standard on most desk top computers)

RAM (random

access memory)

16 megabytes (MB)  or Greater

CD-ROM drive

Single speed

Hard disk drive

50 MB or Greater


Microsoft Excel 95 or later

Operating system

Microsoft Windows 95 or later

System Features

  • Remote wireless connection (up to 65 meters or 200 feet) between the infrared sensors and your computer

  • Independent Entry/Exit Counters

  • 20-foot (about 7 meters) detection range across doorway

  • Sensor unit and RF Receiver unit work off 12VAC transformers, included with the system.

  • Several entrances and store areas (more than 1,000) can be monitored with a single computer receiver connection. 

For more information email to experts@BestTest.com or call us at (310) 822-5231 and select to talk to a technical person.